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Propane Appliance Incentives and Rebates

Pocket up to $1,500 in Federal and State Tax Credits and Incentives.

MONEY IN YOUR POCKET IS A GOOD THING!  And right now, there has never been a better time to switch to propane to fuel your entire house. As part of the Federal Economic Stimulus Plan, the federal government has expanded the scope of energy efficiency incentives for qualifying home improvements. A 30 percent federal tax credit, combined with state energy efficiency upgrade tax credits can really add up, making this the best time of all to improve the energy efficiency of your home with propane.

Add Up What You Could Save:

Weaver Gas


Federal Rebate:

30% of the cost of appliance and installation, up to a total of $1,500.

Cost of Appliance:


Cost of Installation:


Total Rebate:


Why Choose Propane?

More than 14 million households use propane for at least some of their energy needs. Approximately 8.1 million households heat with propane, and more than one million owners have already chosen propane as their energy source for their manufactured homes. These homeowners know that: 

  • Propane is safe, clean, efficient, and economical.

  • Propane is portable and suitable for homes built beyond gas supply lines.

  • Propane-fueled homes cost less to operate than all-electric homes.

  • Propane-fueled furnaces and water heaters are more efficient, cost less to operate, and have lower maintenance costs than those burning fuel oil.

  • Lower operating costs and cleaner operation contribute to a better resale value for the home.

  • In the event of electric power outages, vital home functions such as heating and cooking can continue uninterrupted.

Propane vs. Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is adequate for supplying heat, but unlike propane, it cannot power certain appliances such as ranges or dryers. Fuel oil furnaces and water heaters are not as efficient as propane models.  Their burner nozzles get clogged very easily and need frequent maintenance.  While propane is clean burning, fuel oil produces soot and other contaminants. 

Contact a Weaver Energy Consultant today to learn just how easy it is to switch to clean, efficient, economical Propane before the cold weather sets in and the snow starts to fly.